I Bless the Nine Sacred Directions!

Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy, can you even, really believe. I am looking for your heart, my rainbow clown (healer). Have you hidden from my sight, not even knowing why, but your heart does look and seek, to find a heart with relief, my relative, I keep your heart on sweet.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, it's a heart as big as thine. Always looking for a wave of time, to seek a more open mind. We are saving our hearts you say, but it's not this blind any more. We must give it all away, because it's the law of time. Love is here to offer them to shine. (Brotherhood is mine!)

Rainbow Warrior stand real tall, make up for all those who fall. Let your heart come in again, we can offer us in the wind, the place of when we begin. Can you feel me this time? I want to know, if hearts do shine? Can you know my heart is true? It's a place, I always knew! I can feel, the souls of God inspire, to make us feel, so much higher, than we've been before, now it's forever more. What's in store?

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, begin, to dance and leap, and feel the wind. Across your face, the blazing colors do remind, that we illuminate our minds. Let us find a way to survive, through the rash and unkind words. There deep inside, my heart does leap to know, how you are mine, the heart that needs to shine. Sow I plant my prayer in you, in order for you to go out into the blue, and make your step, rushing towards what's left, the open door, into your heart. I begin, to start.

Walk on home to you, my love. Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy shine. Know you are the magic of leaders, who will know how to manage heaven inside. Darkness is our power. Light is our tools. We are Gods heroes, because we know, how to fuel. We do prayers and blessings (ceremony). We are always looking out, to find those in need of rescue, because we do love this Earth. Heaven is coming home now. Walking talking to be with you. We are all on sacred, because it's the new view. I begin, my walk home to you!

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chilly Weather Under the Sun Shares Her Heart and Fairy Houses With Grandmother's Arc

Her Name is Chilly Weather Under the Sun. She is a blue-orange child. This is her Sacred Song Blessing.

Leap into the sky this day, I want to feel it blow a wave. There I feel the rolling hills, where my heart is still. I can feel the waking dawn, inside every single fawn (child on the great journey). I will share my love with you, heaven knows it's all the clues. We are together again, my heart feels you in the wind. I can feel your love, blessing and praising God's word.  Heal the waking heart to sea, the vision of helping heavenly. And where we spark of light of love, let the dark fill it up. And heaven will abide my love. Heaven will abide with love. Heaven will show you how to be grand. How to make a loyal man. How to bind with every seed, to make the hills warm to believe. We are together again. The plains and fields melt and merge as ONE. 

Take my hand and we will bind, together we fly in the open skies. WE can fly free. We can gather the winds with thee. We can be like Eagle's Wings, when we are one family, the force of love will set us FREE. There we go now, down the road now we are dancing in the fields. Waves of showing, ever glowing, just what we dew know. Come and hold my hand we will fly away to sea, over heavenly.......the stars will be thee. And birthing in the night, my soul will gift you pride, the sailing hands that hold you close to sea. I will keep you company. Rise above the shining sea for all to bear, the soul of stars are closer than we could compare. The Sisters and Brothers everywhere. The Sisters and Brothers, who really care. We are going home, to the place where the sun does roam.

Gift me all your love, then I will be there. If you need me call my name, I will be there. Feel your heart knows the way, then you can sail with me someday. We can hold hands over the sea, we will be flying eternally. Come and bath your soul with me, in the loving hands of eternity. Growing older with the times, we are still hear to bind. Bind my soul to yours. Feel the love grow vines everywhere we are told. Let us be bold.

Relatives, Chilly Weather Under the Sun, says, "Thank you so much. I am blessed. I send my love to all the Relatives in the World." She bows and swoosh, she is gone. 

She left no gift, this is unusual for the heavenly. I asked Thunder Horn, to ask if they have a gift to give before they receive their gifts, then we will align them accordingly (need). There is an exchange, one way or another. If one does not gift after receiving gifts, then gifts will be taken away. If you take, someone else will take from you.  It's a default mechanism in the universe, there is an exchange. Either it's loving and kind or it's detrimental and binds. Lessons or treasures? That's our only choice, unless we roll over the lesson into treasures, then that's the birth. 

Thunder Horn receives those from heaven at our Home for blessings.  He is a Rainbow Mother. Below, Grandmother Comfort in the Wind leaves a gift (song) for Princess of Dawning's home. We share with you below.  
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums for Chilly Weather Under the Sun. 




Grandmother Comfort in the Wind photograph

WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother

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White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings for the Heart of Grandmother Comfort in the Wind's Heart, when departing our beloved Princess of Dawning. Aho (may your spirit fly) passing over the Rainbow!
Relatives, Grandmother Comfort in the Wind's photograph. Waves flow over me, let the world set us free. Blue road heavenly, I am waiting for your waves to hit me. Thank you Grandmother Sunshine Glory Shines our Missionary Steams. Aho and over the winds we blow! White Buffalo Calf Woman flows! 
Grandmother Comfort in the Wind Gives Praise to Everything! »
Aho Beloved Grandchildren of the Rainbow, How wonderful to greet you and welcome you into our hearts. Your sacred song blessing is beautiful (ask). You are such softness, beautiful like a water's drop...

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What to do on a chilly sunny day with your child..Fairy Houses..

Wow the sun is out you all.. Yippee ! 

I was thinking about what I used to do as a child and then it dawned on me... Hey why not remind everyone about how much fun it is to build fairy houses with you children..

With most of you all that I know ... Your little peanuts are so tiny that they may need some help.. If they are really small I suggest you keep it very simple..

Spend some time collecting some things you might like to put into your brownie or fairy house and do not forget to bring a penny or something bright and colorful :)

Some "hard core' fairy house builders use only what they find right there on the spot.. 

I say hey... do what ever feels good to you.. I have seen some amazing fairy villages while hiking on the coast of Mendocino ... what a thrill .. a total joy that someone leaves behind for others to enjoy..

You must keep in mind that sometime "trolls " do come and wipe out your work.. but fairies just fly away and whisper for you that it is time to build a new place for them to come and play with you..

I have found that bases of trees are very nice... there are many different kinds of fairies and the safest for children are the tree... avoiding Poison Oak which does grow around rocks and trees as well as waking up critters like gopher snakes on a warm day or scorpions.. so .. be choosey... ???

I loved this game and still play it with some of my friends... Have fun with these photos and send me some of your fairy house photos to my facebook... I will post them on my blog... 

Older kids can spend more time creating but the little ones sort of just there for the 3 min experience.. If your lucky.. However returning to the back yard or the hike out in Brooktrails par course to find your little fairy house still there.. Is very rewarding... I like this even more so then: Easter Egg Hunting "

One other idea... Is more complicated but very very fun...
Make them ahead of time with some other mommas while the babies are at a play group.. 

Then surprise your little ones with a fairy walk.. ! here is a good article from a blog I found about this very subject... I think introducing this to your child is a wonderful way to increase more out door play... 

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