I Bless the Nine Sacred Directions!

Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy, can you even, really believe. I am looking for your heart, my rainbow clown (healer). Have you hidden from my sight, not even knowing why, but your heart does look and seek, to find a heart with relief, my relative, I keep your heart on sweet.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, it's a heart as big as thine. Always looking for a wave of time, to seek a more open mind. We are saving our hearts you say, but it's not this blind any more. We must give it all away, because it's the law of time. Love is here to offer them to shine. (Brotherhood is mine!)

Rainbow Warrior stand real tall, make up for all those who fall. Let your heart come in again, we can offer us in the wind, the place of when we begin. Can you feel me this time? I want to know, if hearts do shine? Can you know my heart is true? It's a place, I always knew! I can feel, the souls of God inspire, to make us feel, so much higher, than we've been before, now it's forever more. What's in store?

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, begin, to dance and leap, and feel the wind. Across your face, the blazing colors do remind, that we illuminate our minds. Let us find a way to survive, through the rash and unkind words. There deep inside, my heart does leap to know, how you are mine, the heart that needs to shine. Sow I plant my prayer in you, in order for you to go out into the blue, and make your step, rushing towards what's left, the open door, into your heart. I begin, to start.

Walk on home to you, my love. Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy shine. Know you are the magic of leaders, who will know how to manage heaven inside. Darkness is our power. Light is our tools. We are Gods heroes, because we know, how to fuel. We do prayers and blessings (ceremony). We are always looking out, to find those in need of rescue, because we do love this Earth. Heaven is coming home now. Walking talking to be with you. We are all on sacred, because it's the new view. I begin, my walk home to you!

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crawl Down Inside The Hoop Is Where I Belong

Heart's Song for Crawl Down Inside The Hoop
Is Where I Belong

Mary (Star of the Sea, the Wished for Child) Matheson (Sun of the Mighty Warrior, gift of the Lord) is coming to reign again. The Mother I hold in my heart, the place of where love is sparked. I can be all you need of me and willing also to be the breeze. My heart will know Mary, the God in thee, the mother of Matheson's child, who comes to know it the breeze. No matter what name I choose to call her. She is my Mother Dearest of all in time. Whether I call her Mary, or Betsy, the Name I gift to woman is all I need. For a Mother has all it's needs, to gift the life of eternity. My gift of love will set you free. when you know God gifts liberty. Now, Mary has a journey. The strong and blessed is she. But warriors who are folly, don't give the life again. They leave with hopes of forgiveness but find instead hate that displease. Where can my warriors be loved like this? How can my warriors believe?

I know that we are under the sun, the light that gifts us liberty. But if I could take all the light away from you, what would I be left with, except the breeze. I tell you my beloved, where do you go when I am pleased? Do you not express your love for Mother? Do you not gift to her, all you please? Do you not give to her all her answers of wisdom, when you are sunken and diseased? She is the welp of understanding. The crown of liberty. A Mother is always guiding us home for you to see. Whether I call Mary of Madeliane, or Compass of Despair. I can call her anything, when I look in the air (wind). But above all the Mothers, there lives one Greatest for thee. For she leads the mighty warriors. The Spirit of the Lake the Spirit of the Breeze.

I tell you, where ever Mother is, She is good and kind to thee, but do you gift to her your love and give her all she needs. Gift her flowers that blossom and gift her your love eternally, for a Mother gifts to children, the love of Heaven, the Great Mother Deer (Journey). She is the one who leads the journey, the one who claims all thrones, the one who leads the warriors in the eastern land ashore. Here we reckon, with the neighbors, when the hoops come back to land, and on the horizon I come to you, from far off distant lands.
My love will gift you fortune, My light will gift you more. But only will a heartbeat find the love of any shore. And this is where Mother's will be, the woman who is in despair. The one who longs for liberty in love and return of her care.

I tell you, my family go out and give her more. Give Greatest Mother at the Eastern Shore the love she adores. She is the darkness of purity that rides the winds, the pure light that can rain upon the dark, but don't you think that wells that keep are always in the dark? I know that my love will welcome the rain of light each day. The love of god that comes home to her. The love of child's return. I tell you truly, Great Father is here, he is looking to be inside. The place where her tenderness abides, the place where law concurs. It is the peace of heart we experience, when we alone inside, learn that we are the woman's soul and man's light that shines. But when we are the marriage that is true, the blessed that is bright, You will come home to Mother Deer and find all your delights.

Don't worry about your family. Their waiting all inside. Come one and all and return home to me and know that God lives here inside.
The North and South have come home today. To place all my love to you. I come to say, I am the way. the light that sheds a place. And here I know you are in a race. A race to collide. I have a overwhelming news to tell you, to stay alive. Now you think that this is silly deer, but what can I do for you, but tell you Migrate to the Stars and find all that you need. My children come home and find with me, the wisdom that relies on knowing you and me are true, the blessed realize. We are one. WE ARE TRUE. WE are part of me and you. Just like the stars at night, depend on the the lights, there can be no display if only one is dismayed.

I can be true to you, the blessed hope of new, the beginning of all the blue, the heavens' heartbeat from you.
Now take a step inside your dreams and wonder what you view? Will it be the love of you, or will it be a disease? Can I come home to rescue you? Can you only but receive, the love I have, you only must call and want it and believe. My heart is blue, knowing you, the freedom of love is at stake. I want you to know, the Mother who tends the stove is the one, who looks after you. Can you live without a Mother in Heaven all these years. the eternal love of gifting comes from knowing she's above. My heart will call her Great Mother, the hoops return to thee. The middle of the heartbeat is always where she is pleased.

Hearts Song for Crawl Down Inside The Hoop Is Where I Belong,
sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother 06.14.2009

*Mary: Latin origin "Star of the Sea", Hebrew "Wished for Child" Mathieson: "Sun of the Mighty Warrior", Madeline Hebrew " Woman from Magdala", Matthew Hebrew "Gift of the Lord", Matilda Old German "Mighty in Battle", Pet Name Matthew Scottish "Bear's Son, meaning Star Sun from Heaven", Scandinavian "Mathies". These names represent both Female and Male. When I heard this Rainbow Justice! Silver is the Rainbow, she brings the Hammer of Justice! (silver hammer)

Four Sacred Directions
1. Communicating Green. Communicating or uniting the embrace of One heart leading to the Perfect House of God. protected behind the wall. northwest.

2. Perfect Communication. The Perfect Communicates and negotiates the unity for the possibility of rebirth.
eternal life. just outside the well of life. touching the next being's southern west to your northeastern shore or touching their heart.

3. Grandfather Light. Humility. Where the united lead, in the vehicle of the breath. north east

4. Unite (communicate) and Lead: Communicate ebb and flowing rhythm Leading the light wave of the central reflection of the house. The perfect southern exposure.

Arrowhead looking refraction of light,
Name Earthly tools is: Walking Stick that Breaths the News of the Soul.
(much light with purpose).

Gifting love and eternal flowering, the eternal flower that blossoms. and he is putting it on the palladium hearth, it is round with fire or just light usually where there is exposure for the communication. Looks like a lotus that open and closes. A living flower, it sparkles while moving. it can rest or be delightful, it is alive.

Thank you that is awesome! I love you. Many blessings for you my beloved. He is telling me to tell Holiness that he loves him. He appreciates the drumming for us. It helps us alot, especially when we are pretty busy, but we are learning like earth is learning to meet inside of unity. Thank you for the heartbeat, my Holiness. I adore you, Keep up the good work and many blessings to Holiness, shall he reign forever!

I love you too! He is sending love to you...he knows his heart. He is learning to receive heaven. He is learning! It can be slow, we know, it is hard for us too! We do not understand so much. We all must learn a lot from each other. We are looking forward to the Dawning. I hope you will understand my song. I gift this for the world below, may the song reach the hearts of the people. With your love, I shall ride upon the winds to sacredness, my Holiness!

Holiness says, "Thank you!"

He wants to stay and asks to be part of the council. yes, I say to him, you are welcome! stay as long as you like and come and go as you please. Help the line for the blessings and tell others to await can be long, but that it is worth the reward to know the heartbeat of truth, IN A SONG.
I love you, aho, may your spirit fly!

He is flying loop de loops. He is so happy!

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Silver Hammer Song Heard During Blessing with Crawl Down Inside The Hoop